Silk Pillowcase Pearl White
Silk Pillowcase Pearl White
Silk Pillowcase Pearl White
Silk Pillowcase Pearl White

Silk Pillowcase Pearl White

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  • To all you cynics out there I have tried and tested many a silk pillowcases in my time. Unless you have a high-quality silk you will not keep the benefits!
  • Silk keeps your face healthy with its hypoallergenic properties and natural resistance to dust mites, mould and fungi.
  • Silk does not pick up as much pore-clogging bacteria as cotton does with the added bonus of less chemical exposure in the process.
  • The natural fibers in silk retain moisture to skin and hair.
  • The benefits of retaining moisture, the slide and glide of the silk fabric make it an anti-wrinkle line of defence!!
  • You will definitely notice the reduction to morning bedhead, frizz, antistatic curls, and split end issues

Pillowcase Size: 51cm x 76cm
22 Momme Pure Mulberry Silk
6A Highest Grade
OEKO-TEX Standard
Style: Housewife
Concealed zipper

Embroidery matching - available for pillowcases.  The letters will be embroidered with matching colour thread

Vinyl - available for pillowcases, sleep masks & face masks.  The vinyl options are gold and silver. 


  • We offer two types of font; Traditional or Scripted.
  • We can embroider a maximum of 10 letters and the more letters required, the smaller the embroidery will be.
  • If a single letter is chosen this will be as a large letter.
  • Initials will be embroidered in upper case and names will be embroidered with a capital letter followed by lower case (eg. Mrs Harris)
  • We can embroider one symbol (eg. L.E)
  • The monogram will be in the position shown. 

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